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Kayne Griffin Corcoran is pleased to present Painting, a group show bringing together nine artists with a focus on painterly practices. Each artist will be represented by one work in the exhibition. While the majority of the exhibiting artists have creative output that expands beyond the application of paint, this exhibition focuses on the various ways this medium is used. 

The arc of painting is as wide as the genesis of every painting, though most paintings begin with the decision to use paint. Secondary decisions revolve around representation, abstraction, the sculptural, use of materials, flatness, depth, the gestural, minimalism, addition, subtraction…it goes on. Painting can be a painting or it can be a performance. It can behave as paint or it can perform tasks other than simply being a painting. 

The origin of this exhibition came during the stay-at-home mandate when an intense urge to look at a Blinky Palermo painting in person came over me. I was certainly not the only one who had this desire to look at paint on canvas. I spoke to many colleagues and it was painting that we all wanted to spend time with. The innate physical reaction to looking and confronting a painting. The ability to pick it apart, dissect it and put it back together is something that can only happen in the presence of the actual painting. The gallery will soon be open by appointment and visitors will have this opportunity to inspect the many different ways these nine artists have chosen to battle with paint.