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Kayne Griffin Corcoran is pleased to present work by the Argentine-British- Angelino conceptual artist, David Lamelas.

First produced in 1968 at St Martins College of Art in London, the work Signaling of Three Objects determines three spaces inside metal circles. In this particular installation a tree, a chair, and a person encircled by steel plates signal their transformation into the focus of attention. Photo documentation of the original Hyde Park installation is also on display.

In the South gallery his site-specific Corner Piece from 1968 inverts the angle created by two walls and turns the empty space into volume. Also on view, the traveling wall made of paper titled Paredes Doblade or Doubled Wall, first made in 1994 while Lamelas was living in Manhattan, was folded and carried in a suitcase and shown in Buenos Aires. In this reinstallation of the idea, a paper cut was made of the 15 x 14 foot west wall, folded box-size and it is now shown on the opposite wall.

David Lamelas won a top prize at the 9th Sao Paulo Biennial in 1967 and exhibited his Newsroom of Information at the 36th Venice Biennale in 1968. Moving to London in 1968 he has participated in the first conceptual art exhibitions throughout Europe and has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Institute of Contemporary Art and Tate Gallery in London, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Wiener Secession in Vienna, Reconsidering the Object of Art at Museum of Contemporary Art, Lost Line at Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, and Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, among others. Lamelas was born in Buenos Aires and lives and works in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and London.