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Mika Tajima
featuring Alexandra Jacob
Cinematographer Jarred Alterman
DI Facility Nice Dissolve
Colorist Brian Boyd
Consultation Howie Chen
Assistants Laura Hunt, Alex Ito


PSYCHO GRAPHICS is a new public art project in Los Angeles presented by the non-profit Art Production Fund, in collaboration with Jessica Rich and the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division. Presented on four large-scale digital billboards overlooking Sunset Boulevard, the video work features Tajima’s collaboration with ballet dancer Alexandra Jacob, known for combining bondage aesthetics with formal ballet technique. Using contortion techniques that demonstrate her physical limits, Jacob abstracts her body as it mimics a language that ultimately appears alien. Consequently the embodied practice of dance and its regimented movement slowly reveals a message to the viewer acknowledging our shared ortho-architectonic reality. The term “Psychographics” refers to the ambient technological infrastructure that control and shape our lives by predicting our actions and desires from the raw input of shared psychologies of individuals. Applications of such predictive technology are prevalent in politics, military, and marketing intelligence. Drawing on the tension of freedom and control, this video work underlines Tajima’s ongoing investigation into the bodily and psychic experience of power through her multi-disciplinary practice.

The work will be on view for one minute every ten minutes from October 1, 2019 through November 31, 2019 on the digital billboards at 8410 and 9039 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

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