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Jean-Pascal Flavien & Mika Tajima

Art Asia Pacific

December 2016

Jean-Pascal Flavien & Mika Tajima

Contemporary Art Daily

October 28, 2016

Jean-Pascal Flavien & Mika Tajima at Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles

Fall 2016

Pink Houses and Ombré Hot Tubs, On View at a Los Angeles Gallery

Sight Unseen

September 26, 2016

At Kayne Griffin Corcoran, artists place the architecture of art in the frame


Septermber 26, 2016

There is an inherent dialogue in the pairing of Jean-Pascal Flavien and Mika Tajima at Los Angeles gallery Kayne Griffin Corcoran, one that explores how our physical environments probe our emotional and social states, and vice versa. It is easy to think of architecture as fixed and permanent, but their works prove that the spaces we inhabit can be flexible and can afford their human participants a surprising amount of agency.